Why is Allowing Ayurveda Doctors Undoubtedly a Wrong Move?

by Rashi Shukla
Why is Allowing Ayurveda Doctors Undoubtedly a Wrong Move

Practitioners and students of modern medicine all over India slamming the AYUSH ministry for allowing Ayurveda doctors to perform surgery.

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Ayurveda is the ancient Indian medical practice to treat the ill-using herbs and also to maintain good health. It has always been a debatable issue whether Ayurveda can compete with modern medicines. And now yet again the same issue has arisen and has become a contentious move after the Govt recent notification has allowed the Ayurveda postgraduates students to be legally trained and authorized to perform general surgeries. This includes a total of 58 surgeries which include 19 procedures that involve ENT, ortho, dental, and 38 other general surgeries. After receiving the training in Shalya and Shalakya the practitioners will be legally eligible to perform certain procedures which include cataract surgery, skin grafting, and root canal surgery. 

The Central Council of Indian Medicine, a legal body under the AYUSH Ministry, revised the Indian Medicine Central Council Regulations, 2016, to incorporate the guideline to permit postgraduates of Ayurveda to undergo general surgery. Despite the fact that the AYUSH ministry has prevented charges from getting any strategy move, many are seeing this move by the Center as an indication of a change in perspective in medical services from present-day medication to the conventional form of treatment, or an endeavor to blend the two streams of medicines. 

The practitioners of modern-day medicine have set off sharp reactions to this. The IMA was one of the first to descend intensely against this move saying that this “retrograde step” of blending current medication in with traditional methods will be opposed no matter what. The Indian Medical Association condemned the CCIM for allowing its students to practice general surgery and has asked to withdraw the order. The IMA persuaded the Central Council of Indian Medicine to build up their surgical disciplines from their traditional writings and not affirm the surgical disciplines of present-day medicine as its own. 

Vaidya Jayant Devpujari, the chairman of the board of Governers, CCIM said that the Ayurveda institutes are performing these surgeries for the past 20 years and this notification validates them.

In the clarification issued by the AYUSH ministry, it is stated that the notice is an explanation of the pertinent arrangements in the beforehand existing guidelines of 2016 and that the utilization of present-day wording in the said notice doesn’t add up to “mixing” of Ayurveda with traditional (Modern) medication.

The new gazette has aroused many questions and debates and is gaining controversies. On one side the AYUSH ministry is claiming that the notification was for the Shalya and Shalakya streams of Post Graduation Education in Ayurveda who have completed their studies and are qualified enough to perform such surgeries. It has been mentioned in the notification as to which surgeries come under this regulation and who can perform them. The Indian Medical Board is slamming this notification by saying it is a mix between the medical streams which they are strongly criticizing and will oppose it no matter what. Practitioners and students of modern medicine all over India are flustered over this breach. 

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