South Korea Amends Law For Grammy-Nominated BTS to Postpone Military Service

by Rashi Shukla

The South-Korean Parliament has made an amendment in its military service act. This amendment was an advance birthday gift for Kim Seok-jin, a member of the Grammy-nominated pop band BTS. 

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To keep the country safe, in 1957 South Korea started conscription, which means it is compulsory for men to give their services in the military. According to this law, physically fit men must join the army for some time. The time you will serve will depend on the person’s choice. If you join the army 21months of service is compulsory. If women want they can also join the military service. But it is not mandatory for them as opposed to Isreal where it is mandatory for women too to serve in the military.

The age limit to join this mandatory service is from 18 to 28 years. One can complete his service anytime within these 10 years. But not every South Korean agrees with this law, some are against it too. Those who refuse to give their services are thrown in jail. People often find out ways to escape this service. Some put on a lot of weight, get tattoos on their body and some even try to hurt themselves in order to be saved from these services by listed as an unfit candidate. But such people are also at the risk of legal action.

In 2018, the constitutional court of South Korea made a big decision. If a citizen does not want to pick up arms due to religious or political reasons the government cannot force him. The government must find a non-military option for him such as social service or to work with any government agency. Again on 1st December, the South-Korean Parliament has made an amendment in their military service act. And after that, the age limit to join the military services has been extended from 28 to 30.

This amendment was an advance birthday gift for Kim Seok-jin, who will turn 28 this year on 4th December. Jin has not completed his military service so in order to do that he must give break to his career for 21 months and join the army. Jin is a member of the world-famous pop-singers BTS group. This seven years old group has seven members. This year 3 songs of BTS are on the hot 100 charts of US Billboard and by achieving this record they had broken the old record of The Beatles. Their super-hit song Dynamite was viewed by more than 10 crore viewers on youtube within 24hrs. And this was a record in itself by any music premiere video. This song was also on the top chart of global music charts this year and was also the most downloaded song of 2020.

BTS was nominated for the Grammys for the first time for this song. This is the first South Korean pop band to be nominated for the Grammys. Their fan army consists of more than 5 crore people. But the interesting thing about this band is that till now they have released only one song that is in English and all their other songs are mostly in the Korean language. And even after that people all over the globe are crazy for them. BTS has given South Korea its separate cultural identity. The popularity of this pop band was the reason why the South Korean Government amended its law. But this law is only applicable to selected singers who have received medals from the South Korean Government to spread the cultural influence of South Korea to the world. Such people can take a little longer to join the services. All the seven members of BTS received the medal and that is why they were exempted and will ripe the benefits of this amendment that is why people are also calling it BTS law.

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