Meditation: Just a Myth or More Than That!

by Rashi Shukla
Meditation: Just a Myth or More Than That!

Meditation a well-known term today. We are all familiar with the infinite benefits of meditating. But the question is how many of us actually incorporate it in our life. We all find excuses and search for an exit door when it comes to meditation.

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Some think it is not meant for me. Some say they don’t have time for it, some quit just because they don’t know how to exactly do it. Well, there can be a number of reasons not to do it but there is just one why one must motivate themselves and just go for it. Meditation gives you peace. Isn’t it what we all want. A calm, pose mind. Not to become a yogi but to feel full within ourselves. A calm mind works faster, it absorbs knowledge better, it makes you think better and shuts out all the negativity that grows within you.

Meditation is for your soul, it uplifts you and helps you become the better version of yourself. Just a little time for yourself a day and you will see drastic changes in your life. You will feel happy, fresh, and motivated. Not only meditation helps to keep your mind and body relax it also has many other health benefits like reducing blood pressure, healthy joints, helps in reducing headaches and migraines, and promotes good sleep, and many more. Even in this pandemic situation when everyone is struggling. Find time for yourself and give meditate a chance.

We all are struggling with pressures in our day to day life whether it’s work or your personal life. We face challenges daily and try to cope with it and fight through them because we want to live a happy and healthy life. But with stress consuming us it slowly overshadows all the positivity within us and fills us with pressure and illness. We struggle with each challenge that life throws at us and try to fight back. But when your mind is not at peace we are simply like a man in the pool with no idea how to swim and struggles to come up. When you are composed within yourself you are ready to deal with everything and meditation helps you do that. It helps you focus.  Focus on yourself. You are capable of everything only if you focus in the right direction. We all have answers to everything only when we focus and search within ourselves.

So now when you know how meditation helps you in your life you are wondering how am I going to find enough time to do it or most importantly how to do it. First, all you need to do is calm down your thought process. You need just 10 minutes from your busy schedule to start with. Just find your favorite spot in your home sit straight and just meditate. You don’t need any fancy yoga mat or a garden, just a little quiet space.

Take any mat, sit straight close your eyes, and start by just breathing. Simply inhale and exhale. Try to focus on your breath. Try to exhale your worries with every breath. There may be multiple thoughts just rushing in your mind. Just let them be. Try and divert your mind towards your breath. You might feel anxious, thinking about all the worries, pain, and everything going on with your life.  Wait, don’t quit. Give yourself time. Continue with your meditation and pass out that phase. Let those anxious thoughts pass by. Release your anxiety and with the time you will feel so light with all the negativity passing out of you.

You can also pick any motive or it can be your mantra. Focus on your breathing and feel the air. How you want your life to be. It can be anything. You can focus on being happy,  let go of things, good things will come, and many more mantras that you can connect with yourself. And when you focus on all that is good in your life or all the best you can get in your life you will get it. When you train your mind towards the good you will start to feel good. Meditation helps to control your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions. After all, it’s your life you must lead your way.

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