Is Democracy Under Threat These Days?

by Rashi Shukla
Is Democracy Under Threat These Days?

Two of the world’s oldest and largest democracies went through an election process last week, the US presidential election in the USA and assembly election in Bihar.

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These elections were very much different from the previous elections as these elections took during the worldwide pandemic of COVID -19. USA and INDIA are the top two worst-hit counties by a coronavirus. Apart from this similarity that the elections took place during a pandemic, there is a rather alarming similarity in both elections in the way losing parties questioned the mandates. These questions raised by the losing parties created a huge concern over the clarity of the electoral process in the mind of citizens of the USA & Bihar respectively. 

Whether it’s Trump calling  “the election has been rigged” in the USA or Tejaswi Yadav in Bihar saying that EVM rigging takes place during assembly election. Both these allegations cause some serious doubt’s in the mind of the people.

As the difference between the winning parties and losing parties is not that much. this means nearly  30% to 35% of people who voted during the elections found themselves in a situation where they feel that their right to vote has been misused or has been stolen. This scenario creates chaos and a sense of uncertainty in the mind of people. Trump’s attacks on the elections are allowing him to show discontent and doubt among his most loyal supporters who can’t digest how can their candidate lost the elections. leaving many of them with negative thoughts that their candidate is the victim of fraud voting.

As in the case of the recent  Bihar assembly election the opposition alliance led by RJD target the election commission and alleged that many of their candidates were not given a winning certificate due to the pressure from chief minister Nitish Kumar & his government.

Just like Trump calling out himself as the winner of the US presidential election 2020 during a press briefing on election day in the night from the white house while there is still counting of voting is going on in some of the states and no clear winner has been announced. These two scenarios of allegations on the electoral process are very dangerous to the basic model of democracy because if people start doubting these institutions like the election commission then from where they will get the trust that everything is fair and clear and their vote count.

Some strict and strong measure should be taken to ensure that the elections process remain fair and clear. Clarity should be maintained in the mind of people as ” people are the most important part of the democracy “. People should have enough reason and faith in these institutions as democracy is still the best way of governance for the people.

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