Iran’s Top Nuclear Scientist Fakhrizadeh Assassinated

by Rashi Shukla

The senior nuclear scientist of Iran, Fakhrizadeh was assassinated on his way to Tehran. According to Iran’s news agencies, the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh took place in Absard, where his car was first targeted by an explosion and was followed by gunshots.

Featured Image Credits: Fars News Agency, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

3-4 other men were also killed in this attack and were considered terrorists. There was a heavy shootout between the terrorists and Mohsen’s bodyguards. Fakhrizadeh was highly wounded in this shootout and was taken to the hospital. The attackers appeared out of nowhere and after this shootout, all the twelve attackers again disappeared as if they never existed before. 

The attack was deliberated. The attackers knew the exact route of Fakhrizadeh’s trip. They were ambushed and were awaiting his arrival. Just a few moments before the attack the electricity supply of the whole area was cut off. Roadside cameras were also turned off. But many different theories about his death are spreading. One news agency FARS is stating that the whole operation was carried out by a remote-controlled device and that too within three minutes.

According to this report, the car in front of Fakhrizadeh moved a little further for inspection, and just then gunshots started firing towards Fakhrizadeh’s car. These gunshots were fired from a car standing 500 feet away and had a remote control machine gun. No one could be seen firing those shots so Fakhrizadeh got out of his car to understand the situation and was shot with 3 bullets from that car which exploded soon after Fakhrizadeh was shot. According to some of Iran’s local agencies, a hit squad of 62 men carried out this assassination. Out of which 50 were giving logistical support and the rest 12 members of that group carried out the assassination on the field.

Fakhrizadeh was a professor at Imam Hossein University. He was one of the most prominent scientists in Iran. According to the Iran government, they are against nuclear weapons. They only want to use nuclear energy for good purposes. But neither the Western countries nor his arch-enemy Saudi Arabia and Isreal believed this. According to them, Iran is secretly developing nuclear weapons. And the name of this secret weapon program is AMAD and Fakhrizadeh was chief of this project.

According to IAEA, Iran has shut down its project AMAD, but according to stolen documents by Mossad Iran is still developing this program. Which is carried out by SPAD, an organization that comes under the Defense Ministry. Fakhrizadeh was also the chief of SPAD. He was the heart of Iran’s nuclear project. This nuclear program is crucial for Iran because of hegemony. Just like Saudi Arabia and Isreal, Iran also wants to have sole control over Middle-East. That is the main reason why both of these countries are opposing Iran’s nuclear program. Fakhrizadeh is not the only scientist who has been murdered in Iran. In 2010, Masoud Alimohammadi, a quantum field theorist was killed. In the same year Majid Shahriari, another nuclear scientist was murdered. Many more scientists were murdered and kidnapped in these years.

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