How fanaticism is more deadly than corona?

by Rashi Shukla

The 10th month of the year 2020 has passed and no ray of relief from the coronavirus has been seen yet. Vaccine trials are going on in many countries, but people will be saved from this deadly epidemic. No such concrete claim has been made so far.

Featured Image Credits: David Shankbone CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

However, whichever country will be successful in making the vaccine, will give priority to the people and its friendly countries. However, the United Nations is appealing that the able countries come forward to help the weak and backward countries. However, this appeal seems to be failing. Covid-19 has brought a crisis to mankind. Now the outbreak of the second wave of the virus has begun. Due to which there is an atmosphere of fear in many countries and lockdown is being implemented again.

In India also, during the cold, the corona can be seen more on the poor. Right now, humanity’s existence with mankind is threatening to end, it cannot be ignored. The world has become so autistic in its greed for happiness and comfort that no one cares about the injustice being done to the weak. Terrorism is being resorted to in order to fulfill our selfishness.

Three traumatic incidents have been reported in October last month. Where militants opened fire at a school in Kumba, the African country of Cameroon, killing at least eight children and seriously injuring many. The terrorists did the disgusting work when the children were studying in class. Let me tell you that for the last three years there has been a confrontation between Anglophone separatists and government security forces. These separatists are demanding a separate country.

Here, an education center was attacked in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul, in which 18 people, including school children, were killed, while more than 50 people were injured. The Taliban have also responded, denying that they were involved in the attack. Earlier, in August 2018, similar responsibility was taken by the Islamic State-linked terrorist organization for the attack on the educational center. 34 students lost their lives in this attack.

At the same time, seven children died in a terrorist attack in a madrasa in Peshawar, Pakistan. The attack is reminiscent of an attack on military school children in 2014, in which 150 children were killed. Actually, instead of ending the politics of terror, powerful countries of the world are getting entangled in mutual fighting and debates. Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, and Islamic countries have raised their voices against a remark by French President Macron.

Macron linked Islam to radicalism following the incident of violence stemming from a controversial cartoon of Prophet Mohammed. It is true that fundamentalist thinking is growing rapidly. These forces are getting political support. Muslim countries that criticize France first need to look into their Girebaan. What have they given to their public? Only humanity has been victimized by terrorism.

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