Haryana Govt. Shuts School Down Teachers, Kids Found COVID +ve

by Rashi Shukla
Haryana Govt. Shuts School Down Teachers, Kids Found COVID +ve

As indicated by a previous report by PTI, the most noteworthy number of cases have been recorded in Rewari, where 91 pupils across 13 schools have tested positive, trailed by 34 kids and two teachers from Jhajjar.

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In Jind, around 30 kids and 10 teachers have been tested Covid +ve as per the reports. Haryana is following the footsteps of Mumbai where the civic body has ordered to close the schools till 31st December. India has crossed 90 lakh Covid cases and the number of death due to coronavirus is 1,32,162 till now. 

Just 3 weeks after the students from classes 9 to 12 returned, all schools in Haryana were instructed to be shut down again till Nov 30th, 2020 after around 172 pupils and teachers across different cities in the state have been found positive for Covid-19 as per the recent reports. Haryana Govt has requested disinfection when the number of cases reported showed declines prior to the opening. 

Due to the increase in the number of cases daily from this deadly disease now the state governments are taking strict measures to minimize the spread of disease and have instructed schools to shut down taking back their earlier decision to reopen the schools. As indicated by authorities, schools in which the cases were found have been closed for a couple of days following government rules, and the well-being of the pupil is being observed. Moreover, students and teachers who had interacted with the children who are infected by the virus are also being screened. 

After 19 out of 35 students tested positive for covid in a govt. In Kund, random samples of approx 1000 students over 12 schools have been taken in Rewari. From the last two weeks, around 4800 random samples were taken from schools in Jind and around 1200 samples were taken from Jhahhar. 

According to the recent update, the new date for resuming schools would be declared after evaluating the condition. Among other states, Haryana was one of the first states to order the reopening of schools from 2nd November and has also permitted the students to attend classes according to their will. 

It has been reported that Haryana has a high number of cases and an evident growth in infection last week. Following the expanded number, the Center has additionally sent a team to Haryana to visit all the districts to examine the situation and take measures accordingly. The Center has advised opting for online classes rather than going to school keeping the safety of students in mind. Also, the Center has said that it is not mandatory for students to attend physical classes and if students are going to school they need to have written permission from their parents.

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