Farmers Agitated For The New Farm Bill, Announced The “Delhi Chalo” Movement

by Rashi Shukla
Farmers Agitated For The New Farm Bill, Announced The “Delhi Chalo” Movement

Thousands of farmers are marching towards the national capital to protest against the New Agriculture Bill. The protest became violent as farmers clashed with the police force at the border. 

Featured Image Credits: Randeep Maddoke; [email protected], CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Thousands of farmers are making their way towards the national capital, on foot and in tractors for their “Delhi Chalo” protest. The massive protest turned violent after the clash between the police force and farmers. The farmers were throwing bricks and stones at the police force who was preventing them from entering the Haryana border. BJP ruled Haryana Govt, by all means, trying to block the farmer’s way to Delhi and placed heavy forces, and used water cannons and teargas to disperse them. The clash lasted for almost 2 hours. The protestors also flung the barricades into the river and finally, managed to cross the borders and entered Haryana.

Farmers all across the country are protesting against this new Agriculture Bill. According to them the bill will benefit big retailers and will decrease their earnings. The parties in opposition which includes Congress, DMK, TMC, and BSP are also against the new reform bill. They too think that the bill is not in the good interest of small farmers. Harsimart Kaur Badal who is the single representative of Shiromani Akali Dal in BJP also opposed the bill and has resigned from her post as the Union Cabinet Minister.

Farmers have asked to protest against the Centre’s new farm laws in Delhi but after the permission has been refused farmers started their march towards Delhi. All the borders from Delhi and Haryana have been sealed. Barricades are placed and all the cars coming from Haryana were stopped and are not allowed to pass the borders due to which roads are full of traffic jams. And common people suffered a lot due to that. Drones and helicopters are being used to monitor the situation of the borders. The situation was the same across Delhi Faridabad borders. To stop the farmers from entering the national capital heavy police force are being assigned. Police teams were also assigned across Delhi-Gurugram borders and due to the barricading people struggled with the traffic jam for a long time.

The protest has been going on for the past one month all across Punjab against the new agricultural bills. Now to make the national capital the center for their protest, farmers announced the “Delhi Chalo” movement. The farmers want to stay in Delhi until the Govt takes back the Bill. But when the police force tried to stop the protestors they became aggressive. Police and fire brigade teams were forced to recede. The farmers want to protest at Jantar Mantar and because of that UP, Haryana, and Delhi police teams are on high alert. Delhi borders are sealed till 27th November.

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