Coronavirus: These 5 mistakes can make you more likely to spread COVID-19

by Rashi Shukla
Coronavirus: These 5 mistakes can make you more likely to spread COVID-19

Be alert and avoid these basic mistakes to flatten the curve of coronavirus.

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We all know that coronavirus is here to stay for a while. We are all well aware of how the virus is being spread and how we can keep ourselves and our dear ones safe. Still, after all the guidelines that are being laid down by the government people are not following them seriously. Many rules are being laid from fine to those who are not wearing masks or even a night in the lockup in some states. People are still neglecting the fact that a minor mistake can lead to fatal consequences. Day by day the cases of coronavirus are rising because people have started to take precautions lightly. Life is going back to normal after the lockdown is lifted. People going out for work, to buy groceries, or even to just simply roam around. The market space is crowded again, people are eating out and living their life as usual. 

It is not wrong to go out but you have to be sensible enough to protect yourself when you do that. There are some basic mistakes that people make which is leading to the spread of the virus at this fast pace. Be alert and avoid these basic mistakes to flatten the curve of coronavirus.

Self-quarantine is one of the most basic and important steps in keeping the virus from spreading. Even if you came in contact with a Covid infected person, the first thing that you must do is self-quarantine yourself. Even if you are not showing any symptoms, isolating yourself is very necessary because sometimes even if a person is asymptomatic, they can transfer the virus to another. So in order to keep your dear ones safe separate yourself from others for 14 days.

Masking with inhalation and exhalation valve is almost equal to not wearing a mask. This is because the valve created for you to breathe comfortably also lets the virus enter your body easily. Because the valve does not filter the air and thus increase the risk of getting infected by the virus. And if you are wearing the same mask while you are infected, you are putting others in danger too. So even though these masks make it easy to breathe they are safe not for you and not others around you. 

Social distancing a key term to keep yourself safe from coronavirus which people are not following nowadays. Going to a social gathering, being with people in a closed space, inviting people to your homes all are dangerous. Remember you are safe only when the people who live with you are around you. It is important that you keep at least 6 feet away from outside people because you don’t know whether they are taking necessary precautions or not. 

It is not wise to just rely on the thermometer to know whether you are infected with the virus. You must understand how your body feels because there are many other factors that add up when you are infected with coronavirus, such as weakness, loss of smell, being dizzy, having a cold, and cough. These are also warnings other than fever that you must keep in mind while dealing with coronavirus. 

Wearing a mask is an important step to be safe from coronavirus. But it is not the only norm that needs to be followed in order to be safe. There are many other important points that one must not neglect such as sanitize regularly touched surfaces, wash your hands often, maintain 6 feet distance from others, cover your mouth while coughing and sneezing. These steps also play an important role to keep yourself and others around you safe.

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