Chinese Scientists Now Affirm That Covid-19 Originated Last Summers in India, Not China

by Rashi Shukla
Chinese Scientists Now Affirm That Covid-19 Originated Last Summers in India, Not China

China is now pointing its finger towards India, by saying that the Coronavirus initially originated in India last summer during the heatwave.

Featured Image Credits: NASA, Earth observatoryCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Yet again China is blaming another country that is out from its borders for the pandemic. This time India is the one being targeted as the country where this deadly virus originated. According to a team of Chinese scientists, the virus started in India amidst the heatwaves of 2019 summer. Where the animals and humans drank the same contaminated water and so the virus traveled to Wuhan without getting noticed. The virus was detected after it reached China. And this statement is coming from Chinese authorities when there is already political tension between the two countries. And both India and China attacking each other on the borders.

This is not the first time that China is pointing its finger at somewhere else. Earlier the Chinese authorities mostly without any proof suggested that the virus might have been originated in Italy and the US. but according to scientific proof, the coronavirus originated in China, where at present WHO is searching for the source site of the virus. The Chinese team is using phylogenetic analysis to seek out the origin of this disease. In this study, the scientist will understand how the virus is mutating and how the changes are occurring in their DNA every time they reproduce themselves.

According to scientists, if they find the sample of the virus with the least mutation it will be possible to locate the initial version of the coronavirus. This method has ruled out Wuhan as the original site of the virus. Rather than this, China has pointed its finger towards other countries which includes, the USA, Russia, India, Bangladesh, Australia, Greece, Italy, the Czech Republic, or Serbia. The researchers are saying that it might be a possibility that the first transmission of the virus occurred in India and Bangladesh because the samples of both the countries have few mutations and both of them are neighbors geographically. 
According to their theory, the virus first originated there around August 2019. They also added that the record-breaking heatwave that stormed in the north-central regions of India and Pakistan lead to water shortage in this area. Due to this water crisis animals engaged in fights over water which surged the chances of interactions with humans and animals. Researchers also stated that poor healthcare management in India along with the youth population who have less serious symptoms of Coronavirus led to the spread of Covid with getting detected for so many months.

They also think that before arriving in China, perhaps through Europe the virus might have outspread to many other countries. But not all researchers agree with their findings. Last year in December the coronavirus first appeared in China at a seafood market which is linked to many cases of unknown pneumonia. Then it spread all across China before entering other countries in the world which is mostly through tourists. After that, it spread very fast and led to pandemics.

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